CEO's Corner


What interests me are new beauty products and fashions. The eyes are the first thing I notice about a person when looking at them. A person's gaze is a window to the soul. They talk a lot about the person's inner self. I am amazed every time I see a woman with natural and lovely eyes. This is how Forabeli Beauty came to be. ' "For A Beautiful Life" is the meaning behind the name Forabeli.

To make the eyes even more enticing, I wondered how I can contribute to the world of beauty innovations even more, from this- I thought of an idea to introduce the best products in line with eyelash extensions. We offer a large variety of high-quality eyelash extension materials to customers throughout the world.

Forabeli adhesives allow you to work without having to worry about your lashes getting stuck, clumped, or glued together. Lashes can remain in place for up to eight weeks, regardless of the weather. Each and every one of our products was thoroughly tested using the latest cutting-edge technologies. As of this day, one of my passion is to help women radiate their beauty from within. Forabeli Beauty's mission is to inspire women to be the most beautiful and confident versions of themselves.

 - Letter from CEO