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The demand for lash extensions all around the globe has been spiking up. More and more people have been wearing them and getting the benefit of convenient presentability for the eyes. Lash extensions, when done and worn properly, exceed the performance of mascaras, lash liners, falsies, and even eye make-ups without requiring every minute of everyday for a retouch. It is also a convenient way to achieve a fabulous lash look in a longer retention time. They can last at least 2 weeks up to roughly 2 months with proper aftercare, which will be followed by another lash appointment for a refill or a fresh full set. 

However, as much as you would want lash extension sets to last there would still come instances when they just don’t, not only because of poor retention but also because of the need for them to be removed. Lash extension removal can be avoided, however, for the safety and health of one’s lashes, it is an inevitable lash maintenance. And as a maintenance, there is a proper removal procedure that should be followed. We’ll get into details with that in a while, but first let’s be sure how lash extensions are indeed a candidate for removal. So, when should lash extensions be removed?

When should lash extensions be removed?  

> Lash extension removal should be performed when the lash extensions remaining are less than 40% of its original full set.
Lash sets that are less than 40% would require a full set and are no longer candidates for a fill set. Before starting off with a fresh full set, a lash extension removal must be performed. Once the removal is made, a fresh full set may then be applied. 

> Lash extension removal should be performed when your client came in with a lash extension set from another lash artist or lash salon. Not that you're discriminating or wasting one's lash work, but it's just lash ethics. There are procedures that the previous artist did that may be unbeknownst to you that may even sabotage the performance of your to-be-finished lash extension set, you wouldn't want that to happen, would you? Another thing is you have to make sure that you get to see those bare natural lash before you do magic on them. As a professional lash artist, you're tasked with knowing the condition of  your client's lashes while keeping them healthy and making them gorgeous. 

> Lash extension removal should be performed when your client’s lashes are in bad condition. This usually happens due to poor aftercare. However, a bad condition may also look like exhausted natural lashes that are barely carrying the extensions. Once this happens it's better to remove the extensions immediately than let those natural lashes suffer, and eventually get permanently damaged. Again, as a professional lash artist, your clients' lash health is your concern. 

> Lash extension removal should be performed when a client has had a sensitive reaction to the extensions. Sensitive reactions may appear like puffed and red irritated eyes. A patch test must've been performed prior to the full lash extension application, to learn if the client has a sensitive reaction to the glue. But in the absence of a patch test, once a sensitive reaction occurs a full lash extension removal must be performed. This is to avoid further reaction, complications, or damage to the eyes and their lashes. 

> Lash extension removal may be performed when your client asks for a new set of extensions or a new lash extension look. By simply requesting for a new lash extension set or mapping, it’s already a call for the current set to be removed. 

> Lash extension removal may be performed after at least two lash fills. In about two or more lash fills, the lash cycle of the natural lashes would be very much obvious. New natural lashes are waving for the need of extensions. You may continually apply fill sets for your client, but it is advisable to start with a new full set, and thus, lash extension removal is performed. After the lash removal process succeeds a lash bath, and lash baths should give a deep clean for the natural lashes. Deep cleaning after a couple of lash fills is a hygienic process that maintains good health for your clients' natural lashes.

Lash Extension Removal Process

Shown is the eight (8) step of a lash removal process

STEP 1: Prepare the eyes for lash extension removal.
Place under eye pads and tape on the lower lashes and make sure to cover the lower lashes until the lash line. Do this to protect the skin and the lower lashes. Once under eye pads and tape are properly placed, keep your client’s eyes closed for the rest of the removal process. 

STEP 2: Get some lash extension remover on a new micro swab. Get enough lash remover with your micro swab. You may drop the lash remover directly on the micro swab or on a clean lash tile where your micro swab can scoop the lash remover from. While doing so, make sure the client is comfortable with their eyes shut while the under eye pads and tapes are tucked in close to the lash line.

STEP 3: Apply the lash extension remover on the extensions and keep within the glue line. Be sure to cover the glue line with the lash extension remover, this is to directly break down the adhesive bond. Let the lash extension remover sit for at least a minute to completely break the adhesive bond. Do not apply directly to the skin nor the eyes. 

STEP 4: Gently remove the lash extensions on one eye using two new micro swabs or your tweezers. Go through each lash till the extensions are detached from the natural lash. Be gentle with removing the extensions, you wouldn't want to pull any natural lashes off with the extensions. 

Shown is a picture of two yellow circles separate from each other, and in the center outside of both circles is the word “or”.  Two circles are two different option of step 4 of removing lash extensions.option 1 is to use a micro swab while option two uses tweezers

STEP 5: Repeat process with the other eye. The other eye should also have the under pads and tape applied. Once closed and comfortable, apply some lash extension remover on the lashes along the glue line. Make sure to use a new micro swab when getting some remover, this is done to avoid cross contamination. Let the  remover sit for at least one minute then proceed removing the extensions with micro swabs or tweezers. 

STEP 6: Wipe off the remaining lash remover with new micro swabs. Once there is no remaining lash extension, diligently clean off the remover from the lashes. Use new micro swabs to go over, between, and under each natural lash to make sure no remover is left.

STEP 7: Give the lashes a lash bath. After diligently wiping off the remover, give the lashes a refreshing lash bath. Generously pump the lash shampoo and gently yet thoroughly brush the lashes. Afterwards, completely rinse off the shampoo with clean water.

STEP 8: Dry the lashes with cotton pads. After the lash bath, the lashes should be wet and clean from both the remover and the foam. The last step is to softly wipe over the lashes with cotton pads until dried. 

Following these steps will successfully remove eyelash extensions and bring you fresh and bare natural lashes. 

In choosing your lash extension remover

In choosing a lash remover, you should have one that will get the job excellently done. 

Your lash extension remover should

🗸 ...effectively dissolve even the strongest lash extension adhesive

🗸 ...not damage the natural lashes

🗸 easy to apply and should perform in as quick as 60 seconds

🗸 sensitive-friendly and does not give any irritation or stinging sensation

🗸 easy to control, has a thicker consistency, and does not run into the client's eyes

🗸 affordable but has a quality performance 

... and Forabeli Pink Gel lash extension remover does just that! 

Forabeli Eyelash extension Glue Remover has been developed with the latest advancements in the eyelash extension industry. It is formulated to act fast and easy on even the strongest lash adhesive without damaging the natural lashes. It dissolves lash adhesive in as little as 60 seconds and will make your job much easier. It removes your client’s eyelash extensions with ease. It is also designed with a thicker consistency to prevent the remover from coming in contact with your client’s eyes. It is extremely easy to control & won’t run. And it is affordable!

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Forabeli Pink Gel Remover, For a Beautiful Life.



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